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Quality and freshness in food


Taste and Quality

Specialization and experience strengthens us as suppliers to larger retail chains in Spain and other countries. We are one of the companies with major manufacturing capacity in Europe of Fruit Cocktail, Artichoke and Peach in Spain.

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Goût et Qualité


World prodcuts

The search for excellence in taste and texture makes Golden look for in international markets the best of nature. Selected by experts with the utmost care to enjoy all the finesse and natural qualities of the fruit.

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Produits du monde

Golden makes it easy

New range of products in plastic cups

Golden incorporates plastic cup format to present their products in addition to the can and glass. In an effort to facilitate the maximum use of our fruits, we offer the perfect complement to our existing range of products.

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Nouvelle gamme de produits en coupelles plastiques

Sweet pepper piquanté of Peppadew

Balance between sweet and spicy

You will fall in love at first bite. This versatile fruit is delicious by itself or as a topping and is ideal as an ingredient. The sweet pepper Piquanté is unique and exquisite, which, when prepared according to the recipe of Peppadew, balances extraordinarily sweet & spicy flavors.

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Equilibre entre doux et piquant

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