Golden Foods. Professionalism, Reliability and Innovation

About us

It is now 24 years since Golden began its activity. This was in 1986 and in all this time, there have been many achievements and obstacles passed by the contribution of both, Golden's team and our customers and suppliers.

Golden is established as one of the 5 largest Spanish companies. Our business is based on the manufacture of high quality canned vegetables and fruits, both own-label and private labels. Located in Murcia (Southeast Spain), a strategic point because the influence of the Mediterranean climate and rich soil, we get the best varieties of agricultural products. The specialization of our production and the extensive experience has let us be supplier of the largest distribution channels, both domestic and international.

Thanks to all, Golden is now a reality, having proven their professionalism, dynamism and strength, keeping more alive than ever his spirit, his vision for quality, customer satisfaction and constant innovation in products and production processes.

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